There’s A Life Outside of Work?

I just realized this today and realizing this was not that easy.

I started the summer getting 40 hours a week then 38 and now 35. When I looked at the schedule I was upset. How is it that every week I’m getting less and less hours? It’s not because of my job performance. I just got a pay raise so it can’t be that. I think reason why I’m getting less and less hours is because we’re not over staffed and they cannot offer me many hours which is fine. Now. But what confuses me is that I’m letting work be my life. I found my day off boring with nothing to do, wishing I was at work doing something productive. Lol what? I should find my days off enjoyable! I should have the best days of my summers on my days off! I’ve gotten so use to working seven days a week that it drained the life out of me. Of course I still had a social life after work but what about on my days off? I don’t know enjoy them. On my last day off I drove all the way to LA unprepared and all I did was visit a bookstore. It was a nice bookstore. But I’m barely noticing that I hate downtown LA. Traffic is the worst. Too many people. It was the worst. I wanted to do many more things. I wanted to see a celebrity, eat something good, visit somewhere I’ve never been, and enjoy a scenic drive down the streets of LA.

I’ve got to find something enjoyable on my days off and make em count. Wish me luck.

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