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So I’ve Graduated Community College

I guess it’s time to update my “famous” blog. I guess.

What is there to update though? The fact that I’ve graduate from Community college and that I’m transferring to a UC school? I guess. Okay but lets be real, that was as a great accomplishment on my part. I’ve work hard the past three years to pass my classes, write last minute essays, study for hours and hours for exams, and yet remained cute and calm  during the whole 3 years.

Everyone tells you that community college is so easy compared to an actual 4 year university but what nobody tells you is that you’re treated like an adult there and for that reason, you’re expected to study 8 hours a week for one class. You’re expected to arrive to class early, not on time, no matter how busy traffic or how far parking may be. You’re expected to be ill free for 16 weeks and even if you’re sick, you cannot make up the exam you missed. For those reasons, it was hard to understand how professors look at millennials. They want us to come to class to present a speech even if you’re in the hospital tied to an ivy because you have kidney stones. Yup, that happened. In efforts for a student to remain her A in the class, she attended class with an ivy strapped into her veins and stood straight, giving good facial expressions, on a speech about physical abuse. The irony really got to me. I knew I’d be treated as an adult but not to this level.

What I want educators to know is that we cannot be in attendance 24/7. We all have jobs. Full time and part time jobs that they also expect us to give them our 24/7 attention. Working a minimum wage job is already emotional draining and yet, we are expected to read 1/3 of Frankenstein in 2 days. Yes it’s two days! That’s 48 hours! But we work 8, sleep 6 hours, attend school 6 hours a day and somehow in there, we have to dedicate an hour or two for time to ourselves so that we don’t loose track of who we are as a human being and not a robot with endless tasks.

But a fact that I cannot yet face is that I started college with most of my high school friends, and ended it all by myself as a survivor in the battlefield of a college student. It was very hard to motivate myself to walk in the graduation ceremony. I didn’t want to walk alone. None of my friends or anybody I even knew was gonna graduate with me and that really scared me. Most of my friends either dropped out of college or are remaining an extra year in college. I had to face the fact that I’m by myself in this and that really scared me. I kept telling myself, “You have to walk in the graduation ceremony even if none of your friends are graduating with you. You did this by yourself so you must walk to empower yourself to learn how to be more independent.” And the reality is, two weeks after graduation, that bullshit didn’t motivate me. It will take more than a graduation ceremony to make me an independent citizen. I wanted to be surrounded with friends who we all love each other mutually to support one another, walking down the aisle to grab my diploma just like we all did in high school. But I did it. Only because my grandmother and aunt flew from Mexico to come to my graduation ceremony. I was really hesitant to ditch the whole ceremony and just hang out with my friends but something told me to attend my graduation ceremony. Maybe one day my grandchildren will want to see my graduation pictures and I have these to show them. It was the loneliness of the finish line that scared me.

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