Confessions of a Subway Artist

I cannot believe I haven’t blogged about my first job ever. I should of been ecstatic to blog about making my own money. But let’s be honest,  I didn’t blog about it because I wasn’t too proud that I was making minimum wage. Well ladies and gentlemen, as you may of heard, I’m working at Subway! Yay for making $10 an hour!

I like my job. I don’t love it. If I’d loved it, I would of dropped out of college and dedicate my life to Subway. It’s a good steady job. It’s not painful work. It’s just fun. I like it because a) it’s on campus so I don’t have to drive an extra mile to drive to work 2) my coworkers are fun to work with and/or interesting to judge at 3)I don’t get the stress of getting too many hours because it’s open during school hours which is monday-friday.

Although, it is a job. And there are far too many things I cannot stand about working here. So here’s a long list of confessions.

  1. I hate it when customers are waiting in line for a long time and they still don’t know what to order. This includes meats and cheeses. My store is often busy and we often have a long line of customers so this kind of thing irritates me. If it’s me and the customer and no one else, that’s okay. If there is people waiting behind you, hurry. the. hell. up.
  2. Dear customer, I’m sorry if we ran out of herbs and cheese or jalapeño cheddar bread. It’s not my fault. I close and making bread is a long process to begin with so no, I am not gonna have anymore for the rest of the day. So instead of rolling your eyes, or leaving the line, get wheat bread because that’s what is always left over. Plus it’s a good healthy choice.
  3. I once had a customer yell at me while I was in the middle of taking a customers order to ask if we had Italian bread. Since the customer was just getting the bread and the meat, and no veggies, I still made him wait in line instead of sending him ahead to get his sandwich wrapped. Yelling at me is never a good idea.
  4. Saying “Yes, I know bacon is extra,” is quiet rude. I understand it’s annoying to hear “it’s extra, is that okay?” but saying it in an annoying tone is rude.
  5. If I ask for your the type of sandwich or cheese again, it’s because i have millions of other things on my mind so don’t say, “i just said that.” We are not just you’re sandwich artist but also human beings.
  6. “What do you recommend?” is literally the most annoying question ever. We all have different tastes so it’s impossible to recommend something that the customer will like. Whenever someone asks me this question, I just recommend whatever we have the most of.
  7. The most unhealthy meat we offer is roast beef. I mean, just look at it.
  8. Don’t ever say, whichever kind of bread is fine because most likely, you’ll get which ever bread we have the most.
  9. It’s a-nnoy-ing when I say, “6 inch or footlong” and the customer replies, “yup.” Like, which one is it???????????????

Feel free to comment anything concerns in regards to this controversial post.

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