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Hello00! It’s Me, I Was Wondering if After All These Years You’d Like to Meet

WordPress really has changed. An horrid, terrifying, and ugly update just like Tumblr’s updates. I liked the old fashion way with the black and space gray (thanks to apple for bringing this beautiful color to my attention). I guess that shows how long it’s been since I’ve updated my blog. Made you wonder if I’m dead or alive huh? LOL you probably haven’t. Not many people read this blog anyways, and thank god for that! I don’t even know if I should tell people or not to read my blog as I don’t know if it will improve or downgrade my image. It will just depend on how deep they go into my blog because I have so many posts that I’m embarrassed about. If I gave you a quarter for every grammar and typo i have in my old posts, you’d be hella rich.

So what’s new? One direction has a new album that’s amazing but where’s Zayn? I’m hella mad. Carly Rae Jepsen and Adele are my new favorite artists. There’s a new mexican restaurant around the corner. The world is getting hella emotional and defensive about everything. Lady Gaga is amazing in American Horror Story. I’m not afraid to say I love Katy Perry anymore. Oh… What’s new with me? … I just told you.

Just kidding, I have a pretty fulfilling, happy life to blog about. I have a gym membership and I haven’t gone in over a month so I’m basically wasting money. I only got the membership in the first place because here I am, a handsome young guy, at 19 years old, and I’m never gonna look better and I still don’t have a six pack or even a good body to show off.

Wow the magic of blogging! Right after I finished writing the last paragraph, I thought to myself, Daniel, what the heck is holding you back? Go to the gym and get the Nick Jonas body you’ve always dreamed of! And I literally did that and it felt so good. Well, I’m actually sore although they say that’s a good thing, that idea of it is hard to grasp.

But let’s get to what matters and that’s the quality of my life. This semester I really had to face with who I am as a person. Just like Britney Spears did after the year 2007. I’ve had a couple breakdowns but nothing like Britney. And the only way I got over it was listening to music, channeling Marina and The Diamonds “FROOT.” An album that helped me realize many things. But also a lot of thinking by myself.

I’ve seen people on tumblr talk about having a mid-life crisis at age 19 and that’s exactly what I felt. A mid-life crisis about thinking. Thinking about what I want to do with my life, questioning my major, and become more self aware with who I am as a person. And realizing that this semester made me loose touch with most of my closest friends, helped me be comfortable with the idea of being alone with myself was okay without needing anyone to fill in holes. My grades did suffer this semester in this mid-life crisis as I’m failing College Algebra, getting a C in Earth History but getting B’s in my other two classes, but you know what, that’s okay. I’m not gonna beat myself over that. It’s too late to do any major change to improve my grades but it sure could of been worse.

I haven’t done much writing because of this mid-life crisis but that’s also okay. I needed to get my shit together in the first place.

Much like Adele’s song HELLO, about being aware with yourself, I realized the things that matter in my life and decided that I’m ready to do start doing things that matter. And for that to happen, I have to feel it in my bones that 2016 will be my year.

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