How To Entertain Yourself With $20

  • Buy books! Go to your nearest thrift shop and buy a book there! Expand your fucking knowledge people! I use to buy most all of my books there but now thay I’m a barnes and noble member, the excitement of cupons on new books, excite me. But from what I know the thrift shop sell books as cheep at $1.00 or even cheaper. But trust me, buying books is never something you’ll regret unless it’s one you don’t like to your preference. That’s when you’re screwed.
  • Go to starbucks, bring along your laptop, and buy some coffee there. To pass the time, blog about everything that goes on at Starbucks and then publish it. All you have to do is set your brain to a selfish judgmental bitch and write away.
  • Buy yourself a tye dye kit and make some shirts! It could be a total hipster thing to do, but if it sounds like a good idea then do it! Remember: your fear of looking stupid is holding you back. So don’t hesitate on it if you think it’s out of style because if you entertain yourself based on current trends, you’re living life wrong.
  • Go out to eat. A plus: if you consider eating good food as a way of entertain yourself then go ahead and do it! It will be the best thing that will ever happen to you. I would go to In-n-out and get some animal fries. I would tell you to go but people are already complaing about the long lines both drive-thru and in line dining in. But since not everyone has In-n-Out, I recommend frozen yogurt.

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