What's on my mind


Why don’t I have friends? The god from above would say, you do! Actually, if he’s really looking from above he would question my life choices because I’m wearing the same shirt I wore on forth of July and wearing Dr.Suess pajamas at two o’clock in the afternoon.

Look here’s the deal: I do have friends but none of them want to hang out, e.i make plans with me. I want a friend I get to see everyday that I get tired of hanging out with and then I would be wishing I could spend an entire day home. But I don’t because I’m having a good summer. I guess that’s alot to ask for but hey, it’s worth a short at being a dreamer.

My friend Lena actually made plans with other friends but that’s because I stopped talking to her. But why do I have to put the effort so that we can hang out? But I do it anyways because bitch, if nobody does, someone has to. I always use the excuse that she’s always with her boyfriend, in which I realize is stupid, although no tea no shade, it’s very true, but that’s because they are in love and that’s something I don’t understand. Just like their relationship. It’s a huge age gap. But the reason why it works between them is because Lena has the abilities to make it work. But back to what matters, our friendship lately has been quiet. But to be honest, I have told her I’m free and we can hang out whenever it’s just her because if she really wants to hang out with me, she would of made me a priority and tell me right away, hey let’s hang out bitch.

Daniela, the friend who is always busy but not really busy. Like if she wants, I can come with her to the places she goes but I guess in her little world, she likes to be alone. I on the other hand don’t. I’m alone all day home so I need to be out of the house. She goes out all of the time.

These are all high school friends so maybe that’s the problem. But I consider Perla more of college friend because we got closer and talked more in college.

That’s the thing about the show, Friends. That’s it’s nothing but bullshit. It’s hard to believe a group of friends can continue to be a group of friends for 10 years. It’s been 1 year and most of my close friends are far away. Those bitches just wanted to be my friend just for the high. Everybody wants a gay best friend. Having a laugh, at me, the event of the situation that’s going on, going on late night missions to eat, go get coffee, hang out at barnes and noble to study because I’m the one who makes it fun. I’m realizing I don’t want a close friend just for a little while. I want one for the long run. Fuck those bitches, is what my ego is saying. And somehow, it’s always the ones that you don’t notice that are there for the longest.

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