My day

I’ve Got 79 Days To Be Fat Amy

79 more days until Fall semester. This is probably my second week of my summer break and I’m already counting the days until the Fall.

You probably were reading that statement questioning whether I am  excited or in pain from the truth. (Or you’re probably not. You’re just wondering why the fuck you would care). The truth is, I don’t know how I feel about it. It’s just something good to know & think about when planning what I want to do in those 79 days.

What others say about my summer plans.

Mom: Get a job! But first, I’m going to need you babysit weekday mornings for the rest of the summer because I’m going back to work.

Ashley: You’re gonna read all summer! Wow! I wish my mom would let me read all summer. *Looking at the ground squinting her eyes to show emotion* She was probably trying to cry. Everybody wants to be me in which I’m flattered or it makes me want to roll my eyes.

Sister: I don’t care just don’t bother me when I’m in the living room. Oh! But I want to bother you and Snapchat funny video’s of you to put on my story. It’s all about that quantity than quality tho!!!!!

Stepdad: Get your license!

@mom: I’m confused what you want me to do. I want a job too, but only a summer job that has a good pay and I have to work less hard enough for it.

@ashley: Here’s an update so far, I’m still reading Great Expectations, but I’ve started reading 2 more books! Yay for not many progress!

@sister: Eye roll, eye roll, eye roll. I’ve told you this before! I’m not your joke! (Every time I say this, my stepdad says, “Oh but you do that to mom!” Not anymore. Maybe it’s karma being a bitch or my sister being a bitch but I don’t like it! So go away Henry, sit on your $500 recliner, and go back to watching videos on Facebook.   [I’m sure it’s not karma, just my sister being a bitch.])

@step dad: Yes! Tru! Finally something we can agree on.

What I’m going to do for the summer is still a mystery but what I do know it’s still a mystery. I have a friend that doesn’t plan for long term but short term. She lives in the moment. Just like Fat Amy and look at her, she’s a mess. But maybe I’ll be Fat Amy. I’ll get an accent, do some drugs, and have sex all the time. Anything to make this summer count. As I always say every summer.

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