If Congress Passes Immigration Act, There Will Be Better Mexican Food Out There To Enjoy

I don’t get why so many men/women in congress are against the immigration act? This act could rise the economy and promise you to a better meal on your plate.

Exhibit A

Exhibit B

Exhibit C

Have these white old men or woman, ever had Mexican food? Mexican woman are known to be good in the kitchen because it’s all they do. Cook Mexican food. Like have you ever had a California burrito with red salsa? Or carne asada fries with guacamole? Or Tamales? That shit unbelievable good and make you question their abilities. If these women can cook food what can else can they do? Steal your man or women if she’s lesbian. Don’t you white people what good food in

But the main question here is don’t you white people want good food in America?!? And if you say you don’t like it, you have clearly gone to the wrong restaurants. Or even better, maybe those people who make that delicious food that you would like and crave at 3 o’clock in the morning, are in hiding or in captured, and the only way to get them to satisfy your need to eat is out of the united state, far away from you. Don’t be a dick, and help pass that immigration act. If you want to be satisfied with your food, pass the immigration act, ignorant bitches. (It’s not all about you, you know. I want good Mexican food too. Psh bitch this is my blog.)

There’s nothing that makes your female or male partner (I’m not speaking about the woman in congress’s male partner but to the old white men who are closeted gay) even more hornier than

  • A) Oral sex with Mexican food
  • B) The taste of Mexican food on your lips
  • C) and the thought of you of actually being nice and letting more people into America. (We don’t have to ask you to be a nice person but if we have to, we will.)

Thank you. This is has been proudly brought to you by a writer who has Mexican heritage in his blood and want’s more good food in America even if it makes Americans more obese. And don’t even use that as a con, you guys are already doing nothing about the obesity so shut the fuck and make us happy. I mean Obama is doing it for the food so why not you?

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