My day

“Expect the Unexpected”

The best people in life are free. What’s tomorrow’s plans? Wake up hours before my first class of the day just to get coffee and hang out with my friend while she’s taking an online test and I’m reading. Trust me, it’ll be fun. It’s always the scared minds who don’t understand the power of coffee and reading, who question this or my state of mind. But bitch, trust me, I’ll have fun while you’re sleeping your life away, boo. And if you’re awake, you’re living life right.

It’s time to be part of a demographic who are awake early weekday mornings rather than being the “lazy teenage,” sleeping their mornings away. I signed up for afternoon classes to have time for myself not for sleeping. I should of hit myself with this knowledge a long time ago.

UPDATE: It’s the after the above was written. It was sorta late when I was blogging and I just got tired and choose to do my weekly face mask instead.

It’s funny how I always tend to ignore the expect the unexpected. Last night I was so optimistic about how well the day was gonna go, but lol class got cancelled so there was no reason to come class in the morning. Yes I know I said, “I’m waking up early to have a ball day all about waking up early to have a good start to my first class” but shit I could of stayed home and watch Rupal’s Drag Race.

Now I have to wait for my friend to get out of class so that we can eat more than we should and redefine the “freshmen 5 pounder” to the 1978343275 freshmen pounder. I swear all we do is go to In-n-Out and eat inside the car because we’re too lazy to get out.

But it’s fine. If people say this could help me get communication skills, then fine then. I’ll go to the damn learning center to blog about my life rather than talking to strangers. Bitch I’m trying, but they aren’t talking to me. I’m too confident in myself that I don’t think I need new friends. I’m already a busy giraffe.

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