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One Laptop Battery Dies, Another Soul Dies

This is one of the funniest post I see all over tumblr, and every time I see it; I always to reblog it because it’s true a true statement. And if you have a problem with that, then deal with it. It’s me. This is how I perceive myself so I’m going to post it on my blog.

I have a macbook, and every time my laptop dies; I see myself in the reflection and I just want to immediately look away in hopes my laptop automatically get’s connected to the charger. It’s hard enough on myself already when I go to the mall, and I see these huge mirrors everywhere I go.

Tyler Oakley is a hilarious person already but he point’s something true and it’s that you’re forced to see the mess you’ve become. What you see is that’s the mess and ugliness you have turned into because you are just being a lazy couch potato; using your computer.

Every time my laptop dies, I look at the time and think about whether spending 3 hours watching One Direction videos was worth it and the answer is always: Fuck yes. I don’t care if I’m becoming a “wired” person. I’m happy seeing them happy because it somehow inspires me to be more happy. (And gives me ideas for my fan fiction.)

Don’t let anybody make you feel like a piece of shit because you spend hours on your laptop or cell smart phone. They are just jealous because they haven’t spent the day talking or interacting with the queen.

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