Title (this doesn’t have one because it’s really not a blog post but it’s something vital)

You are given an annoying situation in life and your job is to make the best out of it. But for me, I always make mistakes and never learn from them. You’d think after countless nights of staying up late at night; tired as fuck that I want to go to sleep, I’d learn not to procrastinate writing my essays. I’ve had four essays due the past week and each day I’d stay up until one, two, or three o’clock in the morning. It’s a hell. I wouldn’t recommend it to anybody. But for someone who loves to think he has better things to do such as reading and going on tumblr; he doesn’t learn from my mistakes. (and yes I’m writing about myself in third person. Creative writing 101. Take a class, bitch.) I really need Jesus.

But anyways let’s talk about my 2015 goals about this blog. There will be change. Some posts are going to go away and some are going to stay. You’ve seen the ugly of this blog, and now your gonna see the pretty. I’ve thought so much on what I want to this blog to turn in to, and I can’t wait to incorporate them onto my blog. Ladies and gentlemen, let the beginning of the work of art within this blog begin!

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