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New Year, New Me

New year, new me. I bet you’ve read that slogan so many times and it annoys you seeing it one more time. My point is not make you annoyed and ignore this post about someone who thinks is better than you. It’s to make myself feel better and really go after my goals and not like those other people who say it and don’t do shit.

I’m home from my trip to Mexico for the holidays. It was a fun trip but I’ve missed this jacked up country. I knew since January 1st I really needed to have new year resolutions and I didn’t start thinking about them until when I started seeing tumblr posts about them all over the site. But it wasn’t until I got home that I felt like my new years resolutions were becoming a reality.

Resolution #1: Read more books. I looked right in the spine of my lovers and the books I haven’t read. Over the past semester, I was still obsessed with buying new books but really never read them. And now, I’m really starting a curiosity about the books. Is triangles by ellen hopkins really about triangles and geometry? Will It by Stephen King really make me cry? If not, then what a rip off that would be because that’s honestly the only reason why I bought it. But this year I’m really going to make it count. For the third year in a row, I’m going to set the goal to read 15 books this year and I’m going to accomplish that! Right after the motivation starts to kick in.

Resolution #2: Drink more soda. I opened my christmas present from my aunt and it was a starbucks tumblr cup. I thought, look another cup to fill up soda! But then I thought about it and what I should use it for and I realize I could bring it to school. But I can’t walk around my college campus with soda inside of it. I would be so hardcore judged. It has to be water because water is basically, besides coffee, that everybody drinks around campus. So water it is! It’s hard to be yourself even after high school  to not be stared at walking down around campus but ugh I need to be healthy. Plus I have those freshmen 10 pounder from last semester to loose.

Resolution #3: Write. And yes that includes blogging. Blogging is always easy to do because I get to talk about myself and I love to do that. But also to focus on my fan fiction and really, try, make it a piece of art. I remember skimming through On Writing by Stephen King when I was looking for a book to spend my money on, and it say the best advice for a write is to read and write alot. I already write. I just need to read alot and maybe that’s why I’m not being totally awesome writing Tamales but I’m sure having fun. It’s my first project I haven’t given up or pretended to forgotten, and I’m proud to say I’ve passed writing and publishing 6 chapters. Yay for one direction fan fiction!

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