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So I’ve Been Writing My First Fan Fiction Story…?

Life is like a stick of butter. Butter is only good when combined into something good… I don’t know where I’m going with this but it’s a great start to say, “hey my pointless punchline blog posts are back!”

I’ve been writing a fan fiction… That’s been fun. Hahaha. When people think of fan fiction they think of graphic detail but I say, honey, not yet. I want to explore that dark place of writing about sex and all those kind of wonders even though I’m still a virgin. I guess that will be fun to read.

One Direction is totally not as serious in real life as they are in their music but they give us good, deep, meaningful music and we as the fans don’t expect what we want from them so we write fan fiction. That’s why I write fan fiction atleast. Like fuccccck I just love the idea of Harry going gay JUST for Louis. I think there’s something beautiful about mankind about that instead of most guys today are freaking homophobics and afraid of sexual harassment.

It’s just great how this fan fiction is going along. I got one online reader that always comments and that just lights my heart, and two devoted friends who always read my new chapters. Then there is another friend, Liliana, who I am afraid to tell her about my fan fiction and that’s because I hate criticism. My friend is totally negative and I don’t want that to influence my writing. That’s the thing about bad reviews, you take them the way you want to take them. I take them as hard rocks that are thrown to my heart to say that I’m just another worthless writer. And I don’t want to feel that way. But that’s because Lili is a close friend of mine and I value her opinion. But she’s read the description and said it sucks. But that’s because she hasn’t read the content of it. But we’ll see how things will go.

But yeah please read my fan fiction if your a real fan. Don’t be afraid to check in and comment!

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