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After Class Happy Thoughts and Other Updates

College is going great. I just love college because you spend less time in class and more at home. It’s not like I actually do a lot of school work at home but it’s still great. But even then I just wish the professors will be stop being boring and give us the homework already. Like I thought class would be like in the books where professors give a five-minute lecture, assign the homework, and send you out of class early. Ugh goals.

I have an hour and a half of break in between my classes and it’s honestly the best decision I’ve ever made. It’s not too long and I spend that time hanging out with my friends. I know people who have 3 hours of break and that just sounds exhausting. What do you do during that time? Study? Boring!

During my break I spend my time going to the cafeteria buying food. In high school we had half an hour but nooo in college I have more time. It’s great because I have more time to eat and be a fat ass. I would think I would use that time effectively and study but no. I hang out with my friends and they are a major distractment.

After I get out of a class, I leave with a huge smile on my face and a huge pain off my chest. It’s college so I can get an unexpected pop quiz or something. *panicking like a chicken* And I don’t want that.

I just can’t wait until I have my license and so that Ic can tell my friends, “Hey let’s go to In N Out! It’s only 5 minutes away! No? How about Chipotle? Or Panera? Or Chick-fil-A? Because it’s all in the same shopping center!!!!” I love college.

So it’s Friday and I’m in my room listening to music while rocking in my chair, about to get ready to clean my room because my friend is coming to print and that’s making me panic because my room is a mess right now with papers and books everywhere. But at the same time I’m so lazy to do it. That’s why I’m panicking.

I’m just disappointed because I have no plans this weekend. And all my other friends actually have a life and they probably are going to a fancy beach with their family while I stay home putting up with step dad’s kids, yelling around the house. Like god please make them millionaires so that they can come to me and do something fun like go to Chipotle. BECAUSE MY PREGNANT MOTHER IS DISGUSTED BY THAT NOW AND I HAVE NO OTHER CHOICE OR EVEN A CHANCE TO EAT THAT FOR THE NEXT 7 MONTHS. I’m sorry for the yelling, I just need to get chiptLAID so bad.

But yes my mother is pregnant. I don’t know if I’m excited or not. I’m just shocked because just a little while ago she was having verbal fights with my step dad and now, boom, she’s pregnant. But I’m happy for her. I’m just glad I’m in college and I’m going to transfer soon and t she won’t ask me, the big brother, ugh I hate that tittle so bad, to babysit. I’d probably throw a pillow at it and yell to the baby, “Shut up you alien.”

What about my driving??? It’s going great! I’ve learned a lot. My goal is to start driving in October because it’s going to be the last of pumpkin spiced latte season and I want to drive to every coffee shop, in the hunt of the best pumpkin latte. YUM.

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