I’m My Own Paparazzi

When I was a little kid I loved to eat playdoh. To this day, I still think it’s appetizing. I obviously don’t eat it but I do snort sniff it and it honestly smells so good. It’s my own kind of high. When I was little my cousin and I would just eat and eat it and one time my cousin said, “You’re not even eating it right!” What the hell. How do you eat it then? Mix it in with your boogers, using your dirty reading classes as a plate?

I always tweet about me going to Starbucks and I tweet about how lucky that I convinced my mom to buy me a drink and then I remember that’s sorta sad because I’m 18 and I should be working. Going to a local Community College does that to you.

If I see a pimple on my face, I always pop it. And if I don’t, I find one and pop that one. You know how some people like to admit they love to poop? Well I love to pop pimples. (My own pimples, ya nasty.)

I don’t seem like the person who sags but trust me, I’m as gangster as it gets. I don’t know why I do it honestly. It just feels normal. I sometimes go out in public and have my pants half way down my butt and have my shirt to cover it. But sometimes I do pull it up like normal and that’s because my friends question my swag.

I use my One Direction notebooks and folders to college. It’s actually something depressing that you get looked down upon for something great. No pun intended. If every saw their real talent, everyone would love them. But’s okay. More love for me to send.

My room is a recycling center. I have four soda cans, a cup from chipotle, one water bottle, two styrofoam cups, and a vitamin water cup. I’m a busy person. With sleeping 65% percent of the day and 35% doing college work, I don’t have time.

My singing is just as good as Acacia Brinkley.

I love saying, “suck my ass.” I just think it’s something very powerful to say. I say it to all of my friends all of the time and I don’t get why they are my friends still.

Yeah there’s not much about me that is worth making fun of but you can see me in the morning at 5AM. It’s worth seeing.

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