My day

Mr.Lonely, The One And Not The Only

So yeah I’m live blogging from my college campus. I’m up on the balcony just chilling. Sounds like something a skater that smokes weed all the time would say. Hahaha chilling. But no. I’m not going to allow college to change me. I’m going to make college be changed. (That sounded a lot cooler in my head.)  None of my friends have the same schedule as me today so I’m going to spend Tuesdays and Thursdays blogging at this time so it looks like I’m writing a very humors essay so that I look busy and not a loser. I’m just so not use to this. You know being on my your own. It’s something out of the norm for me because a lot of people here are also alone on their computer and doing homework. But it’s cool though because we don’t have to be worried about being bothered. In High School if you are sitting alone nice friends would come up to you and be your friend. I dunno I just want to create an environment that’s cool for everyone here to feel comfortable.

Cinema was interesting. It’s a 3 credit course so class was an hour and 20 minutes long. I thought I would make friends but no, I didn’t. Nothing really new there. I can tell it’s going to be a fun course.

There’s this girl in front of me that would stare at everyone and watch what they are doing every five minutes. I like her. Please be my friend you white girl. We can iMessage 24/7. Oh my god!

Weird encounter today: I was walking to class this morning and a black guy passed by and said, “What’s up bro?” Like what? Since when are students here nice. Was it my Billabong backpack that made you think I was a skater or something? I mean I’ll be your friend but please Kevin Hart, actually talk to me so I know it’s real.

I have Chicano Studies next. A class with, I’m sure of, Mexicans. I hope somebody brought tamales.

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