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Exhaustion The First Day: Drive My Motivation Into The Wall: College Cliques Got Intense

First day of college was a success but so boring. I expected my classes to be hard being college and all. But it wasn’t I was just stressing out too much. I’m just so exhausted. I had boring classes today with off topic long discussions and a short discussion turning into a long discussion. So that “thrill to my life” came home with a feeling of exhaustion. It’s like I have a headache but at the same time I don’t. I just picture little blobs of clouds storming into the outside of my brain and the only thing to save it is a shot of whiskey. In my wonderland I would take a shot of whiskey after each class period.  But I don’t drink so I can save that for graduate school. (Oh god please no. I don’t even want to plan to go to graduate school. Just pretend like I meant what I said but really in the future I’m going to make an excuse, “Yeah it’s not for me.”) I had buffalo boneless wings after my classes and they we’re so good. But not even food from heaven helped the angel happy thoughts just came storming into my brain temporary. So I’m drinking a cold coke and I guess that’s helping. I got reading homework for English Composition but I’m so lazy to do anything after all that I went through. I honestly read four pages out of the 50 pages assigned and got bored immediately. I blame my lame classes. But I mean I’ll just do it tomorrow. I have time. Ugh I just don’t want a bitch to tell me “Don’t procrastinate!” Bitch I got home late and I don’t have time. I’ll do it tomorrow because my classes are short and I have time to do it then. I’m sorry for my vulgarity but this is my blog and I just get cranky when I’m exhausting. I bet you do too. I just rather choose to blog about it because I have no friends to take it all out on them… Yeah that’s kind of mean so maybe that’s why I don’t have those friends. God must be real for not letting that happen because I could of ended lives. I just can’t wait until finals.

No but really college does have those 50 year old men or woman who are getting an education. College is like high school but with more cliques. There’s the buff guys with strange patterns on their bulky arms, who drive trucks, and sometimes bald.

There’s the hippies. I just call them hippies because they look like they have clothes from the thrift shop. I’m not hating whatsoever on them being poor and stuff. I’m just saying you can do thrift shopping the right way and dress cute and stuff. But it’s part of who they are so that’s cool. Yeah for self personality!

There’s also the white girls. The one’s I love. Not in a April Ludgate from Parks and Recreation kind of way. White girls are a good match for me. I have a good taste in fashion, I fucking love coffee, Starbucks too but really any coffee shops, pop music, and One Direction. But real One Direction fans are their own kind of white girls. They are the best kind of white girls to be honest. But yeah there’s white girls in college. Wearing shorts and a tank top on the first day and coming to class with iced coffee from the campus coffee shop.

There’s the jocks too. I haven’t really discovered them that much but yeah I’ve seen them with their cut off shirts (yeah they still year those in college), basketball shorts, and a lanyard with keys. They have the kind of conversations that say, “Woah true player right there!” And I know that because I passed by and overheard. But I’m a feminist so I like to call you a slut because it’s not fair.

There’s also the 50 year old students. They have specific names to be called. Like if an old man was a coach for a soccer team, he would prefer you call him Coach. These middle aged, I just feel bad calling them old, students also carry fans, audio recorders and what is now, hipster reading glasses. It’s so cool.

Now how can I forget the gothics? I saw one girl in the library with black lipstick, red school girl kind of skirt, and fishnet tights. She looked good. I was like damn bring out your inner “chic from Danny Phantom!”

And that’s all in one day! I love college.

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