Why Daniel Giraffe?

Giraffe. The word Giraffe makes me feel good. It reminds me that I’m tall and in someway it connects me methaphotically. And I like it because it makes me look cool. Makes me realize it’s something that helps me “fit in.” Just like everyone else wants to fit in. I don’t hate it but letting go of it is like letting go of the past. A past i don’t want to forget. It’s a part of me. I like it because giraffes are tall. I’m tall. Giraffes can pass as awkward looking and I’m sorta really awkward. But in a way they are so cool and everybody loves them. The way I want to feel. It sorta fits me. But not really ever fit who I am. Just the struggles that come along with it. My friends are allowed to use this. The nickname came from Natalie, my friend. Why the fuck is this even making me emotional? Because it’s a good feeling to be thought of in that way. What does a giraffe really mean? Fitting my personality, is it good or bad?

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