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Nightmares About UnFinished Homework

I never thought One More Day Until College would be the worst one compared to the second. Last night I kept on having these annoying dreams about college. Nothing new. I had these dreams about me having to worry about doing my homework on the day its dues and I was worrying about when I was going to cram in time to do my homework. That was a procrastination method I did all of High School. I know, it’s so bad but I had easy teachers so it wasn’t that bad. I sometimes did it the day before until I got cable in my room and became socially involved in social network sites. But mostly I did the day it was due so I would do it during class time or during Study Hall but that never gave me enough time. I just kept on having these dreams though. “It’s already time for English and I haven’t done my homework. OH NOOO!”  And then I woke up and I reminded myself in a sassy teenager kind of way, “School hasn’t even started yet. *looking at you with a stupid face* It’s still summer! *a long cold face stare making you seem stupid.*” Yeah one day of summer left. I know entering college, no procrastination! I’m going to spend all my free time doing my homework. Just as long as I have something good to drink or eat, something like a Starbucks frappuchino. Yes, food is my strong motivator. It’s kind shocking how I’m still skinny after all the food I eat. I’m just glad the dreams are over and I now I have to deal with the reality of it all. But first of all, how the fuck am I going to go to sleep at 9PM tonight when I’ve been sleeping everyday at midnight this summer? (Wish me luck.)


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