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Facing My Fears: Information Overload, Situation Lost Control

One thing I’ve learned is that college will always be stressful. Yesterday I had my college orientation and I was just nervous for everything. When should I get my textbooks, will I make friends without me having to judge them beforehand? When I was walking around campus to go to the orientation there was this girl who was talking so loud about her problems and I literally turned back and it made it awkward. Later I found out she was going to the orientation as well and lost the opportunity of being friends with her.I don’t know but all of this is so new to me. In High School I didn’t have to worry about making new friends. I already had them from middle school and it was already too late for them to unfriend me.

Going into college I’m only going to have one friend, my best friend Selena. I can already imagine those thoughts she has. “I hope he makes friends that will help him accomplish his dreams of being a pop singer.” Okay not literally. I’m a writer and I know I suck at singing but I’m just saying that because I’m just a huge pop music lover, no explanation needed. But I still need to make new friends. Having one close friend moving out of the fucking state for college and another one who’s going to work (AT CHOPOTLE OMG THIS IS WHY SHE’S MY FRIEND), I’m all alone with Selena. My second thoughts are telling me,”So what you don’t need friends! You can do everything in peace. Just like Ron Swanson from Park’s and Recreation, there is nothing better than silence. Less stress for you! You won’t have to stress about having an outfit or looking presentable or even shaving.” But I know better, having a social life, is what is essential for me as a writer and a person. More like an alien because I’m really weird.

After the college orientation I had a craving for coffee but I was afraid to get it on campus because of the feeling of being looked upon as another stupid freshmen. I picture the lights dimming down, even though it’s daylight, and a spotlight is on me as I enter the room and everyone is staring at me with a face that scares the shit out me, telling me to go away, but in a white girl kind of way, making the frat boys more feminine. (I’m so cruel. Frat boys deserve it tho.) But amazingly, it was totally not that way. I was on the other side of campus and I told myself to face my fears, annoyingly, like every celebrity out there has told me to, and just do it because I know if I don’t do it now I would never do it. So I went again and it wasn’t so bad. There was students there but they weren’t staring at me like a freak. They just treated me just like any other student. Ignoring me, gosh that sounds depressing they should be friendly but here in California, that’s the total norm. I just sat on the table and used my phone with the fabulous wifi that’s available school wide. I needed this because it’s what I needed. Finally feeling like I fit in as a college student. OOOh! College! Big words!

Moral of the story: My college’s coffee is really good and I would totally get it everyday but like, it’s sorta expensive so I’ll secondly think of it.

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