Finding The Perfect Twitter Profile Picture

It’s so hard finding the one that works. For myself I want a twitter profile picture that includes making me look so cool making me money and famous. *smirk face while moving my eyebrows up and down.*

This one resembles many things. My shirt for a galaxy of my imagination and/or creativity as it never ends as you pass through space and you see my nasty, funny, lame, boring, long, short, unique, wild, hilarious tweets.

The face is one with many emotions. One that is looking for some future to come or the booty. Another one that adds sophistication to my tweets.

Now this is my current one. This one resembles hiding. Hiding the secrets away from your bitch ass to read on twitter! Haha. Just kidding, your not a bitch ass.

Being in a world where your facial expressions can make or break you in a follow spree is hard. So I just cover my face.

But really it’s me hiding my ugly face.

Truth is there is no perfect twitter profile picture. That’s why people keep on changing it. So choose the one that makes you happy and ignore the haters. But be also smart about it. If you wanna make people laugh, choose a funny, good looking one. If you want to make people smile, choose your best selfish with your favorite outfit. And if you want people to hate you, choose a picture of Satan or Hitler. (As if they will hate you for it.)

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