My day

A Plaugue of A Summer

Okay this summer has been boring. Blast Problem, BO$$, Salute (the album), One Direction, ARTPOP, and repeat. That’s what pretty much what made my summer fun. Yes, I’ve hanged out with friends but that’s once a week. What do I do for the rest of the 6 days? Nothing. Just stay home and watch Netflix. (You should watch Hemlock Grove. That show is crazy good. And in my opinion, better than Pretty Little Liars and Teen Wolf.)

They tell you need to make every summer great but that’s kinda hard to. So what can I do this make this non boring? I have no fucking clue. But I’m so weird. My definition of real fun is going on adventures, find a great coffee shop, and make friends. I looked up on ways to have fun but it’s sorta boring to go outside. I don’t do sports, hate going on bikes, and roller blades. I guess what I need is to go to Mexico just like I do every summer. People would think the things I do is fun. I hang out with my friends to the movies, mall, the beach, we went to the fair once, and had friends over at my house. Don’t get me wrong, it was so much fun, but I want it to happen everyday. I’m so needy.

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