My day

Realizing Truth Tea Past Midnights Really Does Change The World (Me, actually, I’m over exaggerating as always.)

Most of my life decisions are made past midnight. Since I’m a border line insomnia patient (I guess you can say that) I have a lot of time to myself and most of it is done doing nothing so I just think. Not in a “I’m super smart!!!!!!” kind of way but in a “Buying this bed was they best decision I’ve ever made” kind of way.

Last night I realized how much I hated school. Well not hate but didn’t not like. (I’m setting an revolutionary example by not using the word hate). Don’t get me wrong, I love learning. But there are times I rather do other stuff than learning. Like watching something on Netflix, or eating, or writing. And sometimes last minute adventures at starbucks and what makes it an adventure is chaning my name to Harry (Styles) and getting a new drink I’ve never tried before.

And there I was an hour ago being so excited for college and thinking, “Do I even know what I’m getting myself into?” I now at sometime in the semester I’m going to be crying at 3AM in the morning saying, “What did I get myself into?” I’ve been making this summer pass by so quick for college to come when I should enjoy the summer of me doing nothing all day. Because I bet if I was in the middle of writing a hard essay I’d be wishing it was the summer. So I’m just going to enjoy it. Has my habits changed since then? No. I only have 25 more days until the first day of classes so it’s not too late to do something out of the blue. Like going to Las Vegas. But I’m poor and I have no money and friends so forget it.

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