My Alphabet Creation

So this is what it would look like if I were to make a new design of the alphabet. I’m a horrible handwriter so I thought this creation would be alot easier.

The R looks like it has a tail but really, the R has chlamydia on it’s penis.

The C looks like an U but with its tall on the bottom rather than on it’s side.

My D is an pacman inside the D. Isn’t that so cool?¿?

My F looks funky in bold size but it HAS TO BE JUST LIKE IT.

My H is a line, a diagonal line going up and another parallel line going straight.

My L is a line with a swiggle on the top and bottom.

My L is just like an L but with a swiggle. The L has AIDS.

My N is two M’s conected, a mountain, and an N on it’s end.

My Q is totally complicated but doable.

My S is basically an S with a bolded S.

My T is a curved L with a swiggle on the bottom. My T is basically an S but it’s so hungover it just did a 90 degree turn.

My V is like the N but with a swiggle in the end.

My W is basically a really long W.

My X is two triangles flipped at 180 degrees.

My Z is an continuous Z going down.

And the others are sorta self explainatory.

Take the challenge and redraw the letters yourself and maybe write me a secret message? Post them on your blog and just tag me so that I can see it and I might even ReBlog it.

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