You Know You’re A Writer When…

  • You are good at making up lies. In my case I’m perfectly good at making up lines that it’s so believable. But one way I found out I’m not a good actor is knowing I’m not good enough of a liar without getting the giggles.
  • You are write everyday. Duh! I mean everybody knows that but some don’t so it has to be said so that the nation of the United States and other countries can understand at the same time.
  • When you can just write forever and ever and then you get that awesome, weird, annoying, thought that just sparks up in your mind that says, Hey Daniel Giraffe, don’t forget to add a period so that you can move on to the next sentence because there are so many people suffering with, keeping up with the sentence syndrome, and it’s just so sad, so please stop this sentence, like I get it you can go and on but end this NOW! Oh yay! I got you use the explanation so that you would shut the fuck up…Yeah that thought is so annoying.
  • Teachers compliment  your writing. That has never happened to me but I know I’m a good one because I get complimented on it everyday like once a month. It’s just so hard for me to write when I’m filtered. Like I can’t write a rap song about Lady Gaga in my essay about World War 2.
  • All you do all day is tweeting. It’s basically the same thing but shorter.
  • Your tweets are longer than 140 characters so you use TweetLonger. Ugh what a pain.
  • You see a one word poster and you write compose a sentence next to it. Or is that just me?
  • You’re good at making up titles and slogans. Never happened to me right at the same instant but if I’m given the time, I can do it.
  • You have to carry a fire extinguisher everywhere you go just in case you don’t catch on fire for being too hot.

That’s my Wink Wink punch line to the last sentence. And yes that’s me, I’m that hot. I’m so hot I use 8 fire extinguishers a day on myself to calm down.

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