Fiction Friday

This Is How It Feels

“Wonder how I’d feel Livin’ on a hillside/Do I have a chance?” -This Is How It Feels South Pacific

So I thought it would be nice for me to start a 30 Day Creative Writing Challenge because you know I am sorta creative so here it goes. Just why did it have to be this song.

Put your iPod or iTunes on shuffle. Write 250 words inspired by the first and last lines of the very next song that plays.

You have to think about all the possibilities you can think of. Where you’re going to live, how old you going to be. But most importantly where I’m going to live. The hillside is a good steady place to live at I guess. But I don’t think I’ll be able to walk around my house with curved grounds. I like a flat ground. Like the one at my house. Also are there any wild animals that live on the hillside? All that comes to mind is a polar bear that loves living on hillsides. I enjoy polar bears because they are white.

“What are you thinking about Kelly?”

“I’m thinking what it would be like to live on the hillside.”

“Ew Hillside! There’s like no malls there. No Claires! How are you going to live?”

I can cut off some fur from a polar bear, put it on the side frames of my sunglasses, bandana, earings, necklaces. It would be so hip!

“I’ll have the wilderness to keep me company.”

“I mean, I guess. You can get a tan.”

Mindy is so inconsiderate. All she cares about is having a friend by her side for the rest of her life because she’s a big bitch! Maybe leaving isn’t a bad idea. I need to get away as much as I can from bitches.

I’ve been told isolation from the world is good because the only thing you have is your thoughts. And for a creppy thin man superfan, it’s amazing.

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