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College Is For Mentally Prepared Giraffes, Not Me!

Why is it that I want to start every blog post with, my life is at (insert vocabulary word that makes you feel awe at me.)? Maybe because my life is sorta boring and it’s my job to make it interesting for you to read!

But I do know life is getting crazy. That moment of being a senior, making me realize high school is really over, has hit me. On Monday I was walking around my college campus for my orientation and saw the adults walking around the campus, looking so hot, or so weird, in their own styles. Hair pulled back like in Grease, cheap Runbays sunglasses, soda company shirts, the ones wearing college merchandise, hot looking frat boys but they’re not, and they all looked so fucking cool.

I was walking around and realized there was no more little teenagers, only old teenagers. No more annoying freshmen, no more cliques, no more intimadating white people (well sorta). Only creepy Einstein looking Professors, students going to the cashier to pay for their parking, the student services center filled with all races of California, turning in their papers to enroll into real college, small classrooms for small students for sophiscated classes, real food served at the cafeteria, library 3 stories tall, and just big big buildings. It’s all too much for me. This is a huge change I don’t even know if I’m even ready. I’m cleary not ready. Actually a High School friend poked me on Facebook. Who still does that? *eye rool* Second thought, I’m ready!

At my orientation this girl was talking about study groups, clubs, school events, and it has me wondering, where do I get friends? Do I spark up a conversation with them in class and make fun of the lesson like in High School? Or is it cool to be in the classroom before class starts to mingle? Or do I just join clubs? I’ll do all of the above. I don’t want to be the one student who has no friends and yet get’s the A’s. I want friends! Can’t we just go back kindergarden when we just say to a random kid, “Lets be friends!” And he, if you’re lucky, says, “Best friends!” But in college it would be like in Charlie And The Chocolate Factory when Violet and the spoiled brat daughter, hate each other.

But it’s a fresh start because this time I’ll get positive friends! The friends I’ve always wanted. One’s that don’t get mad or hard-cored judge me when I make a mistake. Friends that think I’m a genius. Friends that have a home of their own and ask me to move in with them, asked in the spelling of blueberries to a suprise party breakfast on a saturday. Friends that will watch Netflix with me all day and actually have interest in the shows I watch!

God I’m hard to satisfy. Not even God can make this all happen.

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