My day


What helps you stay awake at night? Water. Man that’s boring. I googled what keeps you awake and all of them say, the most effective remedy is water because it helps with your fatigue. Shit why can’t they say something more exciting and tasteful? Like coffee, with three sagetts of tea, honey, grass (no this isn’t code word for weed. If I wanted weed I would say it.), and a line of cocaine.  There’s just something about staying up that’s so bad ass yet at the same time it’s not because you wake up super late and it sorta becomes a waste of time.

It’s past midnight, currently 1:08. It’s been a while since I’ve night blogged. It feels pretty badass. The whole house is silent, oh wait no never mind I can hear my mother creeping out her bed. I just hope she doesn’t get up and come to my room to tell me to stop blogging.

You know what else was badass? What I wrote to my step father in his Fathers Day card. I wrote to him about how I’m always a pain in the ass and I’m sorry that’s just who I am and the mood I’m in. I just didn’t want to be all, omg your the best, because that sort of tone is sorta awkward for me. Especially for my step father because I can barely get use to him.

Now let’s get serious and personally deep because that’s what night does to you.

The other day I was filling out a college questionnaire for this possible university and it asked, What kind of writing do you do? As a Creative Writer major, it’s sorta hard to explain blogging as my experience. How has it influenced my writing? Well I do know it’s helped me show my own blogging voice where I can talk freely and differently than what I do in person. It’s just that I don’t think it’s enough. But I guess I can argue, writing about my voice can help me develop another character. That’s just something I need to work on.

Why does life have to be so difficult? Because that’s life, millions of parents across the parents country would say.

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