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Graduate of High School? Nah I Just Want My Pasta To Be Happy

I’m finally a High School graduate!  But I don’t even know if it’s a relief or a misery that will forever mark me. (just kidding not mark me, but maybe a bit.) Everyone talks about about that moment that it hits you that your really done with government public school. Other people from school, more like graduates, ask, “Has it hit you?” At first I thought they we’re asking if my tough cookie friend Liliana has done her daily punch in the arm. But my response to that silly popular question is, no not yet. It honestly feels like we’re on spring break and we’ll be back to school someday soon. It probably will hit me when I’m spending my graduation money, It’s really gone. Tear tear. Or when I start college, that’s when it will hit me hard and I’ll miss all my high school friends.

My graduation ceremony was I guess memorable. The speeches we’re alright. Psh if only they discovered my blog, they’d ask me to write a speech and it would of been amazing.  But it just went by so fast. For a class of 400 students it took an hour and a half. After graduation my mother asked me what I wanted for dinner and I said, Chipotle! And that’s what I got and I was more than a happy camper, I was a happy mexican American hopping bean.

I can feel the pounding of every pounding senior excited about college. Am I excited? I’m just excited about my Creative Writing classes I’m going to take and it’s all so exciting. Say yes to creative writing in novels and screenplay writing! Let my Amy Poehler NBC career begin!

It kinda feels weird no longer having that tittle, Senior Sexy Giraffe 4/20 Only For Cocaine. It felt good walking around campus everyone was either equal with me or below me. What bothers me about this is  that teachers think we all have that mindset that we don’t have to listen to them or obey the school rules just because “we’re seniors.” Like once I was using my phone in class and my teacher asked for it and told me I could pick it up after school and my response to this hard break up was, “Really?” And then I guess he got offended and said, “Really? No but your a senior and you don’t care about anything because you’re a senior!” And after he was done with his 2 minute speech  he gave it back. I don’t know what he was mad about I just said really because he’s a teacher who is hard to take seriously, I had rehearsal right after school and I couldn’t picked it up, and I needed it for my online text book so that I could do my homework due that day. Glad I’m done putting up with him. Talking to him was too awkward.

Another drag is that my mother wants me to start working this summer *annoying voice starts here* but like my grandma is in town so no *end*. Can I just make a video of every homeless guy in the streets saying no to  work because I need it to convince my mother. Or hopefully a sexy homeless seducing her. He’ll have to say yes because he want’s a home right? And that’s what he’ll get! My english teacher encouraged me not to work this summer because I’m going to work for the rest of my life so why now? Maybe after a shot of coffee and I get the energy, I’ll start looking for a job. But for now I’m a full time writer and blogger.

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