Drinking Them Boy Tears


Okay the standing clapping ovation can stop now. Take seat please, let me begin blogging.

This is a cleaver fucking picture. What kind of tears is she drinking? The tears of all the weak boys who let women like her feel less important than men? I don’t know why but I see this picture and I think, The Fault in Our Stars? Did this get published the day after the movie came out? She’s drinking them tears from all those amazing, nice souls, the bae’s, who have been crying before, during, and after that movie?

Any man that shows emotion by crying is the bae because it has feelings. And those feelings are important in a relationship. Because with those feelings he can treasure you and treat you right.

Some people may ask a guy, surprise me with cupcakes to work so that I know this is real. But really, it’s more like, cry so I know it’s real.

She deserves a Nobel Prize for this. Shit.

(Go on Urban Dictionary for the definition of bae)

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