Fiction Friday

Fluffy, The 3 Week Old Dinosaur, and it’s partner, Cindy the 16 Year Old Human

Fiction Friday is back!!!! (This post has been written by me and my friend, Nick.) Enjoy!

Cindy was just walking around the deserted forest and then, BOOM! She hears something. It’s a dinosaur. She goes hide behind a tree and takes a peak as she notices the 12 feet tall T-rex leaving to the other side. Stomp stomp stomp. The loud echo of it’s footsteps are loud that it feels like it’s blasting through your ears. Good thing the dinosaur is walking away. She climbs up a tree to find a pterodactyl. She finds 3 white shelled eggs and one huge blue dots egg. Hm, Cindy thinks, maybe I should take the funny looking egg and take it with me.

It’s been three weeks and notices it’s an T-rex. But this T-rex is so adorable for Cindy to handle so she just keeps it. It’s like her other half. It paints her future a whole different way. It’s always s energetic. The blue T-rex as it runs in circles, plays with the sticks with it’s little roars it makes. Fluffy had little hands that every time it tried to pick up a rock, it fell to the ground as Cindy giggles and Fluffly replies with a grumble.

It’s just another day of hunting. Cindy wakes up every morning and makes eggs as a starter to spark the day. Cindy has learned to live with Fluffy which is a scary thing because she can’t picture a life with out him. She walks down the forest in search of hunting for meat. Fluffy likes to kill animals because it’s the only thing it can do and Cindy can’t. They walk through the forest and walk along a creek. Beside the creek they see a dam.

Dam! Beavers! Meat! Yes yes yes! Just what they need! They need to hurry and get this beaver before it’s sun down. Cindy points the beaver to Fluffy and advising it to be quiet as they catch up to it and get it. They walk silent, getting close. So close. The sound of the branches on the floor that is being stepped on by Cindy is what gets the beaver on alert and get’s Fluffy to run to it and stick it’s teeth into it’s skin.
Fluffy is a fast dinosaur. It’s something Cindy has taught him to do. Cindy tries not to look as she see’s Fluffy’s dark side, getting vicious biting into the skin of the beaver, killing it. She just can’t resist to look at the beaver being attacked as she see’s the meat, already dead. The picture just sparks up her mind because she can taste that delicious meat already cooked, fulfilling each and everyone of her taste buds.

Cindy runs over and grabs the beaver and puts it aside and starts a fire to start cooking it. She’s grateful for this great food is all that she’s saying. Cindy likes to think Fluffy knows what it’s saying and thinking as it keeps her mind full of wonder.

It’s already dark and she stares into the stars, laying down, looking up with Fluffy at the stars. Then out of nowhere, she see’s a meteor shower! She just loves these kind of surprises during the day. It’s something fascinated to watch. Little white dots run across the sky. She can’t picture how far away it is, knowing it’s big, going at a face pace.

BOOM BOOM BOOM. She hears big a big noise that hits the ground with a huge force that the ground shacked. What was that?

AH AH AH AH! What’s that noise? Cindy gets up and starts to turn her head around the surface as she tries to put together the pieces together and find out what the heck is that noise. Sounds like a big crowd of dinosaurs rumbling and crying as they fade away. Are they all dyi- FLUFFY! She turns to her side and notices he’s laying still on the ground and tries not to worry about what is killing him but being there with him for his last breaths. One last breath, a tear drop, and he’s gone. Cindy starts to cry so hard. She feels so sad that’s he’s gone. How is this possible that they all just die?

Fluffy was one wonder and became her son, her best friend, her other half that kept her going. Giving her new wonder and excitement of her days, a twist. Now what? He just go away. He’s her cute little best friend that gave her piggy back rides, tickled one another… It just can’t be.

She has a feeling of all of her emotions attacking her all at once. Feeling a punch of pressure on her chest. Laying on the floor, crying, trying to catch a breath as she descends away from the earth, while the meteor shower continues with blue and purple mixing in the background, back up in the sky.

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