These Hoes Ain’t Loyal

You know what isn’t loyal? My dick! It’s always so needy! *whining voice* “Oh my god i need to pee. Scratch me I’m itchy. I have a boner. I’m horny. Please masturbate me.” It’s a real struggle in being able to control you brah! Good thing this condition is mild and I’m able to control it and not letting it get into my very important, important as the president of the United States, life.

My socks are also never loyal. I can never find a good match of socks that don’t have a hole inside of it. Socks, you need to find your way home to me. Where else would you go? Sock puppet world? Because you are yourself the most there? You love that rush as it reminds of you of the high from my sweaty feet? (Don’t even saw ew, daniel has sweaty feet, everyone does plus I’m just saying.)

Nothing is ever loyal.
In a Funny perspective: Hoes aint loyal.
Deep perspective: We aren’t perfect. If we weren’t ever loyal then we would not be here today and evolve. Learning from the past helps us grow.
Smart perspective: being loyal is essential *insert big vocabulary words here* Um by the way, it’s an intellectual perspective. Go back to middle school!
Senior citizen perspective: Explains why the nurses are always busy with the other patients!!!!!!
Swagger perspective: swag. #loyalismyname #imsodamnloyal #loyal2k14

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