Facts That Scare The Shit Out Of Me

  • Someone where in Germany scientists are smashing atoms together to try to create a black hole. I didn’t know this until my teacher told me this and i cannot simply stop thinking about this. Why would you want to do this?! I want to live old and keep this place the way it is. Blackhole, just please take the basics into the whole, show them the light, and bring them back expecting them to be my next popstar role model. Or the next best thing. I dunno it’s up to you blackwhole.
  • @UberFacts: Some scientists say that if space is truly infinite, then there is an exact copy of you somewhere in the universe. This is just creepy. If my copy is actually a better person than me, I’m going to be so done with life. But it depends on the situation right? If my copy is like Robin Hood I would be so proud of myself without even doing anything.
  • Snakes. There are times I’m scared to go outside my house because I’m afraid a snake can come out of nowhere and bite me. Plus they are just so creepy. Is it just me that wonders why snakes are always slithering when set free? I’ve never seen one just stay there in place, chilling. But clearly they slither through to show who’s the boss and show off their abilities. Well guess what snakes, I have fingers! Fingers that can do pretty much anything and that sensation feels great. I bet your slithering doesn’t get any pleasure feeling. But still stay away with me okay?
  • Ariana Grande has a fucking voice. I hear her voice and I think, god,  watch out because I don’t even think your ready for her taking over the world.
  • The fact there is new music created today. You never know, there will be a song that I will love, making me get a tattoo just like any hopeless… hipster (?!) I don’t even know which group to aim that too but yeah you get the idea, getting a tattoo isn’t me.
  • Soda is not healthy. When ever i drink my soda I feel like I’m taking medicine from god. I’m scared that there is a possibility that all those bubbles in the soda create a stone in my liver and I will get sick, letting it define me, becoming a whole another person. Yeah let’s not get sick, Daniel, okay? Don’t find another light into a whole different phase.

TO be continued because I’m kind of a scary cat and the list is endless into infinity.

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