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Twitter Is The Demon I Cling(ed) To

My whole life, okay not my whole life I’m not that dramatic nor in a Soap Oprah. I’ve been wondering what is it that’s keeping me stay away from blogging. And the answer to that sir or m’am or alien or sexual goddess, is twitter. I’ve been obsessed with twitter. Tweeting was something that I would do all day. Always thinking what to tweet, breaking it’s rules of a typical tweet and making it my own, while enjoying myself. I use to be very skeptic on people calling twitter, blogging. But I’ve noticed it’s true. You write all your ideas or thoughts in a tweet just like you would in a blog. All my crazy creative juices that come from the constellations of the stars, put it all in 140 characters.

I could easily love Twitter and give up on blogging but I hate being limited. I hate the fact that I have to be controlled on how long I have to tweet my feelings. I love blogging because I can go on on and on, writing about my feelings all in one place. It’s amazing. Plus I hated twitter because of the 140 characters I would use short words like my because would be bc,  and you u, and would be &, ect. If it makes me seem smarter, i call this Newspeak! I LIVED NEWSPEAK!  WE LIVE IN 1984. ASGJDGLJGOEOG. END OF THE WORLD! BIG BROTHER. AHH!

Since I now have a diagnosis to this sad sad sad condition, I’ve discovered a treatment that would work best for my pH 7 coffee blood substitution that’s in my body, to tweet the less I can and all those thoughts, and use the tingly things that happen in my fingers (not the kind that gives me the urge to masturbate) to blog all that in this blog! Daniel Giraffe that’s living in this wonderland named earth, is back blogging! AND IM SO HAPPY LGJAWOGUWEGLSDGISKGKGJIROGUISDGIOSUJGKIODFJDGH.

This should be you.

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