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Goodbye ForEVER ?!?!?!????

Endings are the worst thing ever to have to face. I wish I was a huge famous philosopher, particularly one that looks like Shakespeare because he’s so damn bad ass,  to give you a manual on how to face this. But really it’s something you have to find in yourself. I woke up this morning with a huge empty space in my heart as writing this post has been the most emotional thing I’ve ever done. South Pacific, my favorite musical, my school’s musical in which I was part off, is now over. Yesterday was the last show. I’ve been working hard these past three months trying to figure a way to put my character to justice. Even though it feels like all I’ve been doing is listening to the South Pacific soundtrack, pretending to be Nellie. Earlier I was looking over vines of other versions of South Pacific and it made me realize, the whole cast, put this play into justice and I feel so proud. So to cure this horrible, post depression, the void that’s in my heart, a snake that’s inside the heart making it’s way downtown and it’s home bound DUN DUN DUN, I watched the rest of the season of 30 Rock. My favorite TV show and by god the last episode of the show was so amazing. Not just the last one but the one before it, made me cry so hard. The reason why I love 30 Rock so much is because they don’t ever make an effort to make a killing last episode that fulfills the trends when the show was written, they are the trend. They are like the amazing teenagers today that are themselves 24/7.

30 Rock is unique in it’s own way. They glorified what NBC is all about, the importance of happiness and how work is and isn’t happiness (?!), every employee impacts the environment one way or the other. But most important, they ain’t all about those real stereotypes television shows are today.  Saying goodbye to 30 Rock was depressing, not it’s definition of depression but the definition everyone says they are depressed when really they aren’t.

No new, unseen episodes to watch. But I do know that I will continue watching the seasons over and over again because it’s just a great show. Maybe I should have a blog discussion after every episode of the season! I don’t care, I’ll create my own fan club whether it’s annoying or not.

Saying goodbye to South Pacific has been hard as well but I gotta stay strong for now because it’s all about that SWAG life. (That was me trying to fit in the trends). Just kidding.  I gotta stray strong because we have two more days of strike and THEN it’s all over. Ugh I don’t even want to think about it. I can continue but ugh I’ll save that for another blog post.

Yes South Pacific has been soo stressful and time consuming but that’s what’s amazing about Theater. It’s all fun and games once you hit onto that stage with all all your friends, it becomes all worth it. I don’t think I’m ever going to be in another musica or even plays for many reasons. One it’s time consuming and it’s takes away time from what I love doing. And two, because that’s not what I’m here to do. I’m here to write. *applause song voice using Lady gaga’s voice and notes* Doing that thing that I love!

So yeah maybe saying goodbye to another thing has helped me feel better. I’m just great it’s all positive things that I’m saying goodbye to, not negative.

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