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A Snail Without A Shell; I Just Couldn’t Think Today

School is that place where you walk in and you just don’t know what to expect but its kinda weird because it always brings something great. The perks of being a senior is that you don’t have to get exhausted to Algebra 2 CST testing. But then exhaust comes anyway. I was playing Yahtzee and it gave  me a headache because i keep on loosing and it gets me confused  with what is a full house, getting it mixed up with others. Games are  just not my thing. I like one player games like Deal or No Deal. Because I actually have the chance winning money and not loosing. Same thing with solitaire. You just have to be smart on how to play the game. In Yahtzee you have to add up all of the points and realizing you lost because your partner won Yahtzee and you haven’t.

I just want some wings that have all the great things i need to succeed in life. Wings that has 9 brains for the smarter benefit, WiFi for twitter and blogging, and a mini toilet where i can get tiny and jump inside and pee and poop. I mean who doesn’t want it’s own bathroom made only for yourself?! Hookers because they like the idea of all kinds of reproductive organs in one room or been in the same room (Making them horny). I had to pee so bad all day during school until last period and the freaking stall was dirty and I just thought of a spotless toilet and peed. Usually I don’t pee until I get home but it couldn’t wait. I had rehearsal until 6PM. So I pretended that fresh, bubbly pee, wasn’t there and thought of Wide Awake by Katy Perry. Don’t know how that worked but it did so I’m glad it did.

During lunch my friends we’re saying jokes to one another and I was just there laughing trying to think of something but I’m just not that funny. Some of my friends jokes include:
What do you call a computer in the sea? Adele rolling in the deep.
How does NASA plan it’s parties? They planet.
Why did Sally fall off of the tree? Because she had no arms. Knock knock. Who’s there? Not Sally!

Fuck I wish I had a wide variety of cheesy jokes. The only joke I know is: What’s black and white all over? A newspaper. And that’s not even a joke. I got it from Disney 365 and not from my hilarious parents. What kind of “humor” blogger am I if I can’t think of any jokes? One that relies on his wonderland.

Over all today was a good day. It just went by so fast and I liked that. The fact that tomorrow is Psychology, Drama, and English makes it bad but good all over again because I’m missing school on Friday because I’m going to a conference in Sacramento! Friday also known as Senior Ditch Day round 2. Wow I was actually planning to go to school on Senior Ditch Day because of I wanted that extra credit but ugh ya know my class is so stupid.

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