My day

Life is like a box of chocolates, I always know what I’ll get

There are times i want to scream so loud someone will hear me and be like, “wanna be friends?”

Then I say, “Sure!”

“I love it I love it when you scream it! Lets be friends and continue yelling aka fangirling to one direction because i can tell by your scream your frustrated at your friend because she makes you seem like only she love one direction alot. Fangirls at heart like me  and  you can tell what we’re going through.”

“Ugh thanks for being there for me. After I told her I’m getting tickets for one direction’s tour she said, ‘you don’t think you love one direction more than me right?’ but since I didn’t want to be a bitch at that moment I said, ‘no I know you love them more than me.’ A part of me wants to believe its because she’s a girl and they sing songs about them and make them feel weak but gosh gurl calm down they aren’t all for you. I’m imaging a scenario saying in reply to her, ‘no bitch you probably don’t know how much i like them because i’ve kept this all inside.’ and write her a huge list of reason why i love them and shut her up. I can be evil when it comes to my imagination.”

“Ugh i feel you, I’ve been there. I had to break up with my boyfriend because he thinks it’s weird how i love the band more than him. He will never understand.”

This is the same girl who is upset because I won’t give her my sperm.

We made this little truce saying if she doesn’t find someone by the age of 30 I’d give her my sperm for her to have a baby. I was just said yeah whatever.

Until one day she wanted me to sign a paper so she knows it’s real and I was iffy about it and ended up not signing it. She was not mad but she had the kind of emotion that says, “omg just sign it.” I told her I’ll take it home and “think” about it. And so I thought about it.

I realized that if she does have a kid of mine it would break my heart because that kid would be like, “where’s daddy” “oh he’s irrelevant he just gave me his sperm.” I don’t want the kid to grow up with those feelings. Plus it would be a weird feeling for me knowing I have a kid and I don’t get to play an important role into his life or nevertheless see him/her everyday.

So that’s why I’m not giving away my sperm!

She’s being so negative and brings it up asking why and i tell her why and she still doesn’t get it. i just hate it how she’s soooo negative. she’s convinced she won’t find a man. your a senior in high school so please don’t have that mind set.

I realized i need to be surrounded around positive people but ya know, life is like a box of chocolates, I always know what I’ll get. I hang out with negative friends and I know what kind of situations I’ll get into.

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