My day

Untitled Because Of Reasons

Yay I’m back! It feels sooo good to have WiFi again. I literally got internet connection on Wednesday night after my mom did a favor to the neighbor and heard our “depressing” situation and offered to give us her WiFi password. I could of blogged Wednesday night but I was too distracted being reunited with my babies. And yesterday… I don’t really have an excuse sorry. But I’m here now!

Last night I stayed up until midnight (it’s a school night so yeah I’m such a bad ass) watching Blackfish and I have mixed feelings about that movie. Yes I agree Killer Whales should be released but I want to see them at SeaWorld doing amazing stuff with the trainers and I just can’t imagine a society without Shamu. I remember growing up going to San Diego as a kid and admiring the hard work and dedication those trainers on Believe do in every show. Shit. And watching the trainers show their love to the Orcas and how full of life they are. Omg they are so cute. I don’t think I’ll ever become a trainer for Shamu because I’m kinda scared to be in a pool that deep and Omg looking at it gives me the chills like what if I fall down and drown. That was my biggest fear when visiting Sea World. Other than that, I loved it. I love seeing the sharks, starfishes, fishes, jelly fishes, going on the rides, seeing the polar bears, the peguins, and the list continues.

My whole day consisted of having fun. Lol not really. I really want a date night with my friends so badddd. Going to Barnes and noble and getting coffee then going out for dinner is the recipe of best night ever. It something that needs to be attached to my back for me to survive. That way it’s with me everywhere I go. (I know that’s not a great explanation but go figure).

So for the next two blog posts are drafts that didn’t get published because of the internet but now it works I’m publishing it in the next two minutes.

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