My day

1/20/14 Red and Blue

Red is the day. You know how Taylor Swift has a song called Red saying, “Loving him was red, something was red all alone, and something was blue and blah blah blah.” Well today Red represented the blood gushing out of the body to the dancing of the music including my own. Listening to Jewels and Drugs while imagining Drake doing his hand motions, his way of banging his head, to the music made me crack up because it’s just so hilarious seeing him doing that with his eyes closed and doing a face that looks like he’s about to have an orgasm.

My dancing included me grabbing everything I had and licking to it to the beat of Beyonce’s song, Haunted. Inspired by the music video, ofcourse because me being a guy licking stuff was the only sexy thing I could think of in the context of Beyonce being sexy. I grabbed an used tea spoon and licked it and well, that tasted a bit salty. (I still have the taste in my mouth). Also licking around my dental rubber bands that ripped when I was going too hard lip sync’n to Drunk In Love.Gosh I just want to make a video to that song and Rocket sooo bad. Omg.

My day was also blue. And by blue I mean mellow. In bed there I was listening and head banging to the complete album of Midnight Memories. I could of gotten up and danced like I did when listening to BEYONCE but it was the morning and I kinda didn’t want to get up. That’s also what made the day blue. Not wanting to get up.

My house is SOOOO boring without the internet. What the hell is there to do? I guess the only option would be to watch live TV and read. Reading isn’t so bad but to me it’s bad reading a book that’s not yours when you know the pages on the old book is going to fall out. Plus without goodreads reading isn’t the same. I loved the idea of posting what page I’m on as a status because it’s like saying what part of the book your on and saying this book is fucking crazy and I’m freaking out all by the push of a button, okay couple of buttons and boom people can already guess your reading bi-polarity mood by looking at the page number.

Watching live TV was SOOO boring as well. Maybe because it was the morning but still. I was watching Real House Wives of Atlanta and I ended up hating the show. Kenya is ALWAYS singing her feelings to the beat of her best friend pounding the wall and ends up with Kenya twerking. And then she later asked, omg look heres a gun! Hey BFF should I take this gun with me to a party? And she’s laughing  while her BFF is like scared, gurl I would too, if she’s singing her feelings she’s got a problem and you don’t want to be near her,  and he goes down stairs to not risk his life to her jokes of a gun. And that’s only one Housewife.

I could of spent my day watching Netflix, endless scrolling on Twitter, and on Tumblr. But nooo. Out of nowhere my DSL connection starts to fail. This is when I wish Robots where taking over the world because Robots don’t ever get tired and can come any day and time of the week to fix it. But nooo. We live in a world where robots are said to be dangerous while AT&T workers are busy doing other “superhero” stuff. Hmp! I’ll show you what a superhero can’t do. (That was my way of saying, Bitch I’ll fuck you up, in a black girl kind of way).

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