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It’s Daniel reporting to you from my Walmart desk and my office chair that squeaks every time I go back. Weird but I really don’t care. Actually I kinda do care because I was singing and dancing on my chair while listening to Stuck On You by Lady gaga, imagine I’m Gaga making a video with youtube extraordinaire Gigi Gorgeous, singing to the song and have a great time. Yaaaaaaaaas! My mom probably has been wondering what I’m doing sitting on the chair. Hahaha poor little head.

Did you ever have the need to meditate for at least five fucking minutes but you kinda can’t because your mom is literally the loudest person ever when she kinda has to when talking to her death friend. Probably not but let me tell you, it’s a struggle. Meditating is a new thing I’m trying to get in the blogging mood but ugh it’s so hard. I was expecting immediate results but I think it gave me a headache. I dunno send this blurb to a doctor for research because I want an answer… Along with the other things in my life. (I want to say LOL so bad but I’m not texting… Makes me question why I don’t text often.)

It’s the second week of the month. Well really it’s the third but with school it’s seems like two because it’s the second week of the semester. So just catch my homework that I’m throwing out my window because I’m so done with it. Hehe nice try teacher who probably is reading this but, done putting up with it.

My anti-setting-the-world-in-fire-attitude has been going good. It’s a good feeling to know my comments can actually make somebody’s day on a Monday morning. People we’re laughing at the way I say scarcity, saying szarcity. If only those bitches knew I was in speech all of elementary school. Yeah on second thought they might of lauged to that too. They also laughed at the way I thought an orgin to a graph is a vertex. Um kay whatever.

Refusing to do my homework right now because I’m making art. Blogging is art right? I’m going you everything guys so love me like XO, a little reference from Beyonce’s song XO. Hopefully in the long term this will help me out but for now I’ll just continue typing this sentence with my dental headgear on.

This is such a random blog poem that I wrote but whatever I think it's funny anyway.

This is such a random blog poem that I wrote but whatever I think it’s funny anyway.

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