My Poetry

Music (My first [real] poem!!!)

It’s there
To care
For it to shine some light
Like a kite,
A kid who let’s it fly off by accident
Experiences like that makes writers write

And it’s there
For me to enjoy
For me to get up and shake my tail feather
Because if it isn’t there
It wouldn’t help face not only reality but fantasy

And it’s there
To help me see points of view
Of artists
About the come-and-go that is life
It comes and it goes(Just like a possible orgasm)

A layer of sound
That’s perfection
To my ears

And It’s there
To help me find
Who I really am
Inside and outside

Inside to hold in that someone who I can never be
at the outside

And outside that is there to let go
That someone I wanna be
That’s worth it
Worth to reveal to the world

And it’s there
To make my shitty days,
In the hopes to make it better
For me to let go, to dance it all out
All of the demons
That people say is part of the meaning of life
“How was your day, son?”
“Bad, mom.”
“Well that’s life, hun.”

But somehow it’s never there
To help me get rid of the demons that comes with life itself.

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