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The Confessions Of A Wanna Be Shopaholic

The Confessions Of A Shopaholic is literally my life. Why am I so obsessed with this movie? Maybe because it’s everything. I’m a huge fan of someone of someone with a strong role in any kind of movie. I don’t know why, I actually do but I don’t want to go deep into it. My whole life I’ve been fascinated with fashion. Hell well I even cry everyday because I literally don’t have the amount of clothes I want to fit my style. I feel like I wear the same shirt twice a week when really I wear the same shirt every two weeks. Why? Because I don’t have the right clothes to balance everything out so that people don’t recognize I’m wearing the same shirt again. I want them not to even notice and really just be struck with my style. I dare a bitch to say I’m doing this to be popular because I’m not. I do this to be proud and confident and really feel like the writer I am. Mix and match just like my blog is every single day. You just don’t know what you’ll get.

When I was little I had this huge imagionation that I had magic. With my magic if I point to an object it would go straight into my closet, waiting for me at home. Inspired by Sabrina the teenage witch. That was literally my favorite childhood show and it still is. I would see Sabrina do her magic just with her index finger and thought, If she could do it I can do it too! With my sense of imagination ofcourse. Whenever my mom and I would go to the mall to window shop, back when I didn’t even know what it a thing and didn’t have a personality that would hate that kind of thing, I would pass by JcPenny and just point to the clothes sending them home. The sad thing about it is that when my fantasy is over and there’s nothing in my closet.

There are times I just go online and just look and look over the books I could just buy on amazon. Wishing there was just a new law passed allowing 17 year olds to own credit cards! That will be the day my soul will at peace and glad to leave the earth. But first I’d have to do the shopping.

I want to go shopping with my friends and have a really good time and ask them, Hey what do you think about this? Oh I know it’s sooo cute. Gotta love H&M! While drinking our Starbucks coffee into the endless strip of shops. I don’t need to be rich to have a great time shopping. I could go to the Ellen show and get some of those audience giveaways. Duh! The sad thing about it is that I don’t have rich friends who would come along with me.
I wouldn’t just buy clothes, I could buy books! I’m a guilty reader that buys books but never reads them. Well I do read them I just have many other books in line that I need to read first. Maybe that’s how other shopaholics feel like about clothes. They have so much of it that they haven’t worn it yet because they have others to wear too. I mean I’m not a doctor so this all may not be true so don’t believe my prognosis…. If you want.
If I take off the wanna be to the tittle, when will it be enough? Until I wear the same shirt in a month but not just with the same outfit. With the same shirt but with it all mix and match. My conclusion is that someday I’ll have the money to no longer be a wanna be shopaholic but until then………..I got nothing. I guess I’ll just cry and wish for Sabrina The Teenage Witch magic powers because that’s all I can do.

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