My day

Smash Smash Christmas Eve Bang Bang

This christmas eve was sooo turnt. Just kidding. I don’t think I have the certification of a teenager to use that word because I only get invited to 1 party a year. Christmas in Mexico is a quiet experience. Every year all the neighbors around my grandma’s house put fireworks. Illegal of course but it’s Mexico and hardly anyone get’s caught. But I was the only one who seemed to care looking out the window. The others were just having fun upstairs playing soccer. I for one hate playing soccer because I always loose and they can go on forever and I get bored easily. If I we’re buff with a six pack I would play because you know guys. They take their shirt off when they sweat alot and nobody want’s too see my fat body.

What I love about the holidays in Mexico is being with my family. They can get so drunk it’s funny. I thought it would be a typical mexican party but no. Everyone was drinking and talking listening to Micheal Buble’s christmas album. Now they do know what good music is. I guess that was my highlight of the night. Listening to his christmas album while drinking coke and tweeting. Saying that was my favorite part of the night you could probably guess I had a boring night. The gift’s tho. Oh yes. I got 40 dollars. With that I’m buying my next couple reads from target because they have cheap books. I also got a sweater and a shirt from hollister… Eye roll. I don’t even wear Hollister. I believe Hollister is for the wanna-be’s but whatever it was a gift. I wouldn’t mind wearing here in mexico.

Part of me was hoping that my aunts would be creative about my gifts. Like maybe a good book, in spanish, a nice sweater that screams “I’m a wanna be from H&M!”, or a great shirt that says something like, Yeah baby that’s right, read my shirt.

All I wanted to do for Christmas was relax and watch Christmas movies all day long but that didn’t happen. I was just being a huge lazy ass all day in my room listening to music and on tumblr. All I had to do is exit that app and watch Netflix but ya know procrastination is real.

“What’s the matter, your chicken taste’s like pork? You’re having twins? Your food taste’s like plastic?”

Today is Christmas day but also my uncle’s birthday so we’re going to the family ranch to throw him a surprise party. Let’s see how that goes.
So Merry Christmas everyone! I hope you make the day of what you want it to be. I for once wished the ranch would atleast have WiFi.

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