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Making Realizations While Blogging: I’m SOOOOO NOT A Drama Queen

Pussy is the key to make a great night. Not in the kind of pussy you guys know. When I use the word pussy I mean the action of having fun with my friends. OMG no that just make it’s worse. My point here is that I did nothing all day and wished I was out with my friends having a great time. Maybe hanging around town, going to the ghettoest park in town and talking to hobbos, having an adventure needless to say. All day I was reading and watching Netflix. Not exactly what I wanted but it got me busy. The oddest thing about watching Netflix is that pretty much 70% of the time I was watching Long Island Medium. I dunno. I think what attracts me the most is that Theresa can basically read someone and find out stuff about other people. I feel like if she were to read me she would tell me things that I wouldn’t even know. I would give you some examples but I don’t even know like I just said. Ha smart thinking of me right? Oh I love myself.
I was also snatching some weaves today. First of all my mom thought it was cool for me to wait an hour two hours before I woke up to go buy me food for breakfast. My body has slept for 9 hours without any food and my mom makes me wait three more hours to eat? Gosh mom were not poor. My body needs to eat right when I wake up or else I would be in a bad mood that will kill the whole world. But atleast it was take out food rather than my mom’s chorizo tacos. I just can’t wait until I leave to Mexico so that I would eat goood breakfast food everyday like paradise.
Later in the day my mom bought lunch and I left my fries for later because I always eat my leftovers. But only if it’s take out. Not if it’s my mom’s cooking. Then my sister ate it without my permission. Even though though if my sister would of asked me I would of said no but still. That’s not fair! I was so excited to eat the fries and saw the freaking empty box on the dinner table. I was yelling at my sister and asking her, “How dare you.” I just wish someone was there to record it. I’m sure that’s rant of mine could of got me an Academy Award. My sister just made the typical annoyed teenage girl face and said, “Whatever. You’re such a drama queen.” Um okay. Just so you know I’m only a drama queen when it comes to food. If you eat my food I will cut you. I just haven’t done it to my sister because I’m going to need her when she works for me. Hahaha okay I’m just kidding. I could be negative about this and say, actually it’s me who will be working for my sister, vice versa. So this is what you get.
I’m really not a drama queen. I don’t even consider myself a drama queen. That word has stuck onto me all day even before the tragedy of my fries. If you’ve seen episode 3 season 1 of Carrie Diaries you’d know what I’m talking about. If not,  the whole episode focuses on Maggie being a drama queen. It made me wonder if my friends would say the same thing about me. But compared to Maggie I’m nothing like her. I don’t rip and break things apart when I’m angry. I just… yell. I guess. But I’m never really angry. I guess that’s because nobody wants to see that angry “drama queen” side of me so they know not to mess with me. The only exception to that would obviously be my sister. And also others who know me well in person because nobody really has that feeling of, “Uhh I don’t want to mess with Daniel.” But if you read my blog, you know not to mess with me.

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