I’m Really Setting Myself High With These New Year’s Resolutions

If you were to ask me what do I expect for the new year i would say, “I don’t know, will 1 million dollars come with that?” I feel like with 1 million dollars I can get so much accomplished. Like buy all the things I need and want, buy a house for myself, and pay for college. Maybe I’m just saying that because I don’t know what’s it like to have money. When ever I get money I always spend it on something within a week. On a book, clothes, or Starbucks. But I still believe in the motto, “Money can’t buy happiness. It is happiness.” I just need to get a job already so that I can buy all the things I want. That’s one of my new year resolutions. To get a job. I know I’ll have to because 2014 will be the year I enter adulthood as I graduate high school and I’m off to the lost city. But I just want to get one early as this year.  Second semester of high school is going to be the best and for it to succeed i need money. Money for senior grad night, senior Disneyland grad night, senior ditch day, universal studios, and getting a car. Plus I’m looking forward to it. Getting a job will keep me busy and help me make new co-worker friends. I have this new idea that I need positive friends. Not the friends that like to make fun of me. Yes it’s in a friendly way but I’m just not like that and I feel like my friends don’t understand. Like the other day I had flakes in my hair because of my dry scalp, yes I know discussing but don’t even mention it because I already get make fun of it. My “best friend” Vanessa was saying, “Flakes are so discussing,” with an annoyed face as I was removing them from my hair. Why can’t she just lie to me and say that I look hot? I don’t get it. I already hate myself in the morning about it and my friends are already negative about it. Eyeeee roll. Good thing It’s gone thanks to head and shoulders but that kind of stuff hurts. Ya feeeel? I know ways I can get Vanessa to be close friends with me like the good old days. Like if I were to have a car I would take her to places and hang out. But that would be her using me. In this case it would be me who started it because I thought of it. But forget Vanessa. I need to start driving as soon as possible. But my mother is always busy and never has time to teach me how to drive. Isn’t that just a typical teenage problem? Living the life 24/7 begging my mother to take me places and she gets lazy. *sigh* But it’s alright it’s not that bad. It’s not like I have many friends who want to hang out with me every weekend. Another start to all of this is to be positive as much as possible. I follow this chic on twitter and oh my god she’s so real. Not in a catfish kind of way. But in a way that everything she says is so true. One of her tweets said something like, “Why is teenagers being so negative and putting themselves down is a thing?” That’s something that I will never forget. But what a good question. I believe the reason why is because we’re never really been told around school to be positive. We just put ourselves down in public, to others, to seem funny. And yes I admit to it that I’m an example of this “scientific theory.” Being positive will take a while to develop but I can do this! (You see I’m being positive already). Another resolution is to focus on my writing. I use to write everyday but this year I’ve slacked off because of school. But I swear next semester I will no excuse. I’ll write everyday if it kills me. Literally. I’ll also want to get into reading everyday. My goal for this year was to read 30 books and this year I’ll do 27. But for me that is a huge accomplishment. I’ve read so much this year. Next year I plan to read 50 books possible as a goal. Lets see how that will go.

My last years resolutions were so lame. Seriously. I tried so hard to be cool about it and not be myself about it. There goes another resolution for next year, be myself when it comes to writing. Looking back it makes me crack up so hard. One of my resolutions was not to ask if a person has a tumblr as a pick up line. I don’t even do that. If I had anything close to that it will be asking for someone’s twitter as a pickup line. I only added it because I didn’t know what to add so I googled it and added it to my post because I was desperate for likes on my blog. Now, I really don’t care if this post or blog will get 1 million likes or none likes. I like to write what I want without having the pressure on me of being socially popular for the sake of my blog to succeed. I’ll succeed in my own way.

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