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The Ugly Plauge of Taking My Pants Off To An Audience

Taking off my pants off on stage was the highlight as an ametuer actor. Every semester my drama class does a winter showcase of scene’s for an audience to everyone at my school to see. That’s if they can get tickets to see the show. We always sell out with 300 tickets. So the pressure for me was on. My scene was about two middle schoolers who are anchors for the school television show and I go on into my commentary talking about the annoying school dress code. Here’s my lines:

I was going to talk about the new carpet in the library but who gives a flying fig newton about that! What I want to talk about is something for importance to us students: the new proposed dress code. We’ve all heard about it but we’re not allowed to have a say in it. First it was “shirts need to be tucked in” then “socks need to be higher than the ankle.” And now their actually thinking about making us wear color coordinated “approved” uniform clothing that would rob us from any kind of individuality that we might start looking for in our lives. Have you seen what their looking at people? Plaid skirts and white shirts for the girls and khaki pants and white shirts for the boys. How original! And why are they doing this? Because adults don’t like how kids at this school dress. Adults never like how kids dress. It’s been going on for decades if not centuries. One parent complains and it starts a domino effect of other parents chiming in and then it hits the school board.  I went to the school meeting they had last week and one parent was complaining how she saw a couple of boys who wear their pants below their butt cheeks. So what! My father is a plumber and he’s been wearing his for that way for years!

That line or paragraph, was the hardest to remember. Then my partner starts to stop me and I yell I’m not done yet and blah blah blah and then I take my shirt off, revealing my tank top, as my new proposal for the school dress code. Then I take my pants off calling it the “Au Natural” look. AND THEN I yell, “Because we’re not truly free until we’re truly free!” And take my boxers off with my back to the audience but nobody see’s my butt because the lights go off before I do so. It’s hilarious. I got to do it for two shows and everyone found my performance hilarious. I felt good. For once I felt good about myself and been the “popular” kid i’ve always wanted to be. I got to say taking my pants off was the funnest because everyone was like whistling and saying, “wuh!” I got positive feedback and some bad feedback. Some people said I was perfect. Others said I was going to fast and there were times you couldn’t understand what I was saying. But I really I don’t care. They got the message because I took my pants off. Plus it’s not that it mattered. Most of the parents at my school who went don’t even speak English.

When my mom saw it she was surprised and said, “I can’t believe it Daniel. You take your pants off in front of everyone showing your hairy legs and not be a bit embarrassed but when you’re at home you don’t even like to show your chest or even wear shorts.” She was so true. Mom, I live for the applause. My reply to her was, “I didn’t do it, my character Scott did.”

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