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Starbucks Flavored Condoms Take Over The World

It has came to my attention that literally 60% of my blog views come from the blog post Starbucks Condoms. Um what? Why do many people want to know if Starbucks actually have condoms? I guess some people are actually dumb wondering if they sell condoms. They sell coffee not sex toys.

If they were to sell condoms they would have to have a prime reason why. Maybe because two couples love to have sex using their restrooms? Or drinking their coffee gives them an orgasm in their mouth that makes it want to do it together? Or because they support gay marriage? I don’t know. But I guess it would be nice if they could come out with their own line of condoms..? The only accepted condoms by our society would be the flavored kind because I’m sure everyone will buy them. Not necessarily for sex but maybe for chewing because there’s literally NO coffee flavored bubble gum. Unlike bubble gum, this condom won’t even give you coffee breath so won’t that be good? Though chewing on the condom can slip through your mouth and make you want to choke. Gosh this sucks that this simple idea has many pros and cons to it. But don’t you think these kind of condoms will make white girls WANT to have sex? Well that is according to the stereotype but still, it can happen. But at the bright side, it’s a condom. They are using protection and will prevent teenage girls from getting STDs or getting pregnant. I don’t know I’m no doctor in this kind of stuff but I know this will be revolutionary. So Starbucks, it’s up to you if you want to sell them. I don’t even know if this a good or a bad idea. What do you guys think?

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