Tom Daley Coming Out About His Relationship

God bless british boys. Seriously. Tom Daley coming out is everything I needed right now. Well Tom didn’t really reveal his sexuality but did reveal his relationship in dating a guy. He said he fancied girls but that could mean anything. As a gay man (guy because I’m still I’m high school[if that would be the correct wording but Idunno if it is because I’m not an english professor]) for me that means finding girls attractive but not in the way to be in a relationship or sexually. I find girls very pretty and have feelings about pretty girls all the time like Demi Lovato. She’s so beautiful that I just want to kiss her. Maybe the lips but not her sexual parts. I dunno it’s complicated. But even if your straight everyone has that one person they would go gat for or vice versa. But I don’t masturbate thinking about girls and I bet that’s something Tom doesn’t do either. So let’s just make it clear that Tom came out about his current relationship with a guy and not saying if he “likes” girls either.

Tom coming out was all so amazing. I was fangirling because.. Well he’s so hot. But not only that, he’s british. And since we (I) all love british boys, I felt happy for someone hot like him being in a relationship with another guy. Two british boys in a relationship= 😍

He’s so brave in the video and at this point I admire him so much. He basically said in his video that he doesn’t care what others think and that’s the way it will be, hoping you will support him in that. In the nicest way ever.

(Don’t know how to include this into the post but I was fangirling about this that I was texting my best friend like crazy about it.)

They are so cute together. I find it sooo cute that a gay boy was looking and probably hoping that Tom would fall in love with him and turned out that he did and that is EVERY gay guy’s dream. Turning a straight guy into gay. But in this case it would be a straight guy not knowing about his feelings about girls and turning it into a love relationship. It sounds like an ending to a perfect love romance story.

Now tell me that their a cute couple. Ah. If your reading this Tom, which your probably not, I wish you the good luck in everything! I would say paws up but your probably not a little monster and saying that is awkward for the both of us.

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