My day

Procrastination Can Go Die

OMG I SWEAR I’M ABOUT TO KILL A BITCH. I missed the freaking deadline for the EOP for the universities I’ve applied to. Is this like a sign or something? I honestly thought there were 31 days in this month and thought it was due TOMORROW at 11:59 PM not today. Omg I swear I’m so dumb. I turned in my application just a couple of minutes ago and it said the campus shut off the application submission. I was like, WHAT? BUT I STILL GOT ONE MORE DAY and then I look on the calendar the date and wanted to kill myself.

But it’s okay everything happens for a reason right? UGHHH I HOPE SO. I just don’t want to tell my counselor because I’m afraid he’ll get mad. But on the bright side I did submit one of my EOP’s to my DREAM college so isn’t that what matters?

Maybe going to community college is god’s path of what he wants me to do. And if that’s the case I’m leaving San Diego and I’m off to Los Angeles. I’ve always wanted to live there and if I’ve got a shot in doing so then why not? Right?

I was on Omegle right now because you know I’m lonely (haha only at 2 AM I am.) And nobody wanted to help me. Lots of people disconnected the chat and others all they cared about was my “asl.” I even went on facebook to see if anybody was online but I guess everyone just had to be lame and sleep early at 2 AM. What ever happened on the term “yolo gonna get turnt up and stay up til 2 AM?” I swear this genaration is so boring. I just wanted someone to tell me, don’t worry Daniel it’s okay. It’s not the end of the world. Everybody makes mistakes. You luckily made a dumb one of doing everything at the last minute and failing at it miserably.

But no. Nobody loves me. There isn’t even an article online that tells you it’s not the end of the world. And that’s shocking because there’s pretty much an article for everything.

All I have to say is, swagever to deadlines.

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