My day

My Saturday In A Nutshell (Whatever “In A Nutshell” Means)

It’s so late (3 AM) but fuck it I’m going to blog anyway. So what did I do today? ALOT. I woke so late today and I can’t remember why… And I wasn’t even drunk last night. Maybe because I slept sooo late last night? No that’s not it.. I have no idea but I hope it was something worth my time because it seems like everything I’m doing right now in my life it’s a waste. I’ve done nothing this break. Nothing worth excited about but watching a great movie called, “The Silver Linings Playbook” (To be blogged about soon)

Once I woke up I convinced my mother to take me to get Jack in the box. I feel like my mother doesn’t love me because she never buys me decent food that I will actually eat for breakfast. But anyways on our way there she was like, “You should find yourself something to do today with your friends.” WUT MOM? What are you trying to say? That you don’t want me home alone? But what ever I agreed and decided I should go to the movies and so I did but the problem earlier was that nobody wanted to go with me.

My “best friend” Vanessa didn’t want to watch Catching Fire because she doesn’t like The Hunger Games. *eyeroll* Funny thing is that she said it depends if she can go or not watching Catching Fire. I was going to tell her we could watch another movie if she wanted but no. I really wanted to watch Catching Fire. So I stopped being the nice guy and became a bitch and basically told her to try to come and to come and watch it if she loved me. Not really what being a bitch but it’s a step for me because I don’t want to compete with Vanessa. She said she had to ask her mom first so I knew that was going to be a no. Makes me wonder what Vanessa would of said if we were adults and she wouldn’t have to ask for permission. Probably still a no.

I texted my other close friend Liliana but she couldn’t go at last minute because her mother didn’t let her.

I texted my other friend Natalie and she said it was a maybe for her but she had to clean her room first.

At this point I was so frustrated that I wanted to kill myself and quote every teenager on tumblr and twitter, “WHY DON’T I HAVE ANY FRIENDS?!?” My mom saw how frustrated I was and offered to take me to barnes and noble instead but I was still relying on Natalie. But awe she did loved me. I kinda wanted to cancel everything with Natalie but I had to turn it down because I have another book on the line waiting for me to read so no.

Right after lunch Natalie said she could go and off I was! I do have friends after all :). Well friend in this case.

I was so happy. Finally I got to get out of the house for once in this fall break. I’ve felt like a robot staying home… Doing nothing. Literally nothing.

We went to go watch catching fire but seeing how frustrated Natalie was with the movie because she didn’t like it, I offered to watch another movie because you know me, I’m not bi-polar even though I say I am. (think about that.)

So we went to go see Frozen afterwards. Let me just tell you that movie was AMAZINGGGGG. Best Disney movie in a long while! I loved it. It was so cute. I just hate the fact that I can’t love the movie just like I did the first time. You’d know what I’m talking about if you’ve seen it.

And that’s it my fellas. This is one of the best saturdays I’ve had in a while. I really did need it to release all the stress stupid school has caused me. Can’t wait until I graduate! (how many times have I said that?)

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